Five minutes from the Casa is a Motorway entrance, and from here it is a straight drive down to Sevilla. You will arrive in Sevilla after a beautiful trip across the Algarve and Andalusia. Sevilla is one of the largest cities of Spain. It is a magnificent city, but above all Sevilla is a normal working, and clean city. Just buy a small town map and discover all the beauty of this city. You can see the largest cathedral of Spain, little romantic alleys and squares. The big square called “Plaza de España” showing all the provinces of Spain with the special tiles, called ”Azuleijos”. These very colourful Azuleijos are typical tiles used in Spain and Portugal. When you walk along the “Guadalquivir” you will see the old guard tower “Torre del Oro”. From there you can take a visit to the cinema or find out what a real bullfight is like. Don’t forget to eat “tapas” in Sevilla, because people say that the tapas are originally from this city.


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