Lunchkaart Casa Porta Azul

Lunch menu

(12.00 – 16.00)

Toasty ham/cheese



BLT-Sandwich/ Sandwich of the day



Home made Beef Burger



Salad of the day

€ 9,50


Cold Tapas small/big



Nacho’s ,sour cream, cheddar and homemade guacamole



Yoghurt, fresh fruit and crunchy muesli.


Cocktails €6,50


(Tequilla, Triple sec and squeezed lime)



(Rum, squeezed lime, mint and sparkling soda)



(Cachaça rum and squeezed lime)


Long Island Ice Tea

(Rum, Vodka, Tequilla, Triple sec and Coca Cola)


Casa Porta Azul Sangria 1l €16,00

Champagne Sangria 

(Lovely sparkling sangria with fresh fruits)


Red Sangria 

(A dark fruity sangria with a touch of cinnamon)